Dog classification using CNN transfer learning

This is the project I did in ECE 539 class. The result is pretty good, and I wish to show the result I have achieved.


The primary task of this project is to use Convolution Neural Network (CNN) to identify different types of dogs base on their images.

The Dataset

This project uses Stanford Dogs Dataset. 20,580 images from 120 species are used in the project. As the result of the size of the dataset, I used transfer-learning strategy rather than training from the sketch.

Baseline Result

The Stanford Group who collected this dataset provided a basic learning algorithm they tried and achieved a result with mean accuracy up to 22% using 100 images for each species as the training sample. My training set will be approximately the same size, and this result is faired enough to be compared with.

Problem analysis

There are several challenges in the dataset:

  • The images are not cropped to focus on the dogs. Those images have huge background variation, and the dogs have different postures. This is the major challenge of the image set.
  • The variation of characteristic between classes is different. For example, the basset hound and bloodhound share very similar facial characteristics but differ significantly in their color, while the Japanese spaniel and Papillion share very similar color but greatly differ in their facial characteristics.

Training Result

I used both VGG-16 & VGG-19 CNN networks as feature extractor. The layer ‘fc7’ of both networks are used. Their features are combined together as one feature vector with a dimension of  8192. And an SVM is used as the classifier.

With this setting, a total accuracy of 74% is achieved. The confusion matrix is shown below.

The confusion matrix at max accuracy

The training result includes VGG-16 & VGG-19. Thus it’s too big for GitHub. The result can be downloaded via Onedrive. The original dataset is not included in the file.


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