Hello, World

    echo "Hello, World";

This passage is created when I installed WordPress. So I’m gonna consider it as a beginning of my blog~

I’ve always been thinking about make my own blog. Though there are Sina Blog or whatever, I still want to make the style of my blog on my own. And I want my personal domain name. So I just built one with a cloud server.

I don’t have a complex motive on writing blogs. It’s just all those social networks like wechat, twitter and facebook are just suitable for distraction. It’ kind of boring after some time. I can’t update things I made on none of them. I’m actually expecting someone to visit this blog every day and get a lot of likes on some pages. It’s just I need a place to record all the stuff I made, the idea I came up with. So that later when I face the similar problem, I will be able to find those ideas. So this kind of tech-dairy.

And there’s more about the stuff that I’m interested in that I wanna to write in this blog. One’s idea on the stuff always changes. So when I look back, I may have some special feelings.

Maybe I’ll invite a couple of friends to write blog together. So maybe someone else will join later.

That’s it. I wish I will continue writing this blog^_^

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